If You Really Want To Excel In Life, Put Aside Formal Education

Many will argue that without education, the world would still be in the dark ages. Education is generally seen as the catalyst for development in any society. This argument fails to realize that the individuals that have advanced the world were persons that refused to conform to educational dictates. These individuals thought outside the box of conformity as presented by formal education. Formal education removes or greatly reduces a person’s creative ability. It simply teaches you to believe and accept something as a fact except someone, who dares to think outside the box proves the fact otherwise. For anyone who wishes to excel in life, the one must put aside formal education and reach out into the deep reserve of creative ability on the inside.Through education, accumulated knowledge, skills or values are deliberately passed on to another individual. Education is a process that is designed to have a formative effect on individual from a tender age. A child is thought from a tender age some societal values that are preserved and passed from generation to generation. We are thought in schools, about the gravitational force and that the earth is spherical. Depending on a person’s choice of career, there are educational curriculums designed to impact knowledge towards achieving a career goal. A person is said to be formally educated after successfully completing the curriculum and passing the final examination.To be educated therefore is to show an understanding of the subject area as put together by the teacher. Sometimes, it is a matter of ‘junk-in’ and ‘junk-out’. Education tries to impact knowledge that is generally accepted to be true or has morale.Formal education constrains one to figure out what someone else has done on a particular subject. It gets one occupied trying to unravel equations or to simply memorize the equation. The focus is to pass the examination at the end of the course. It reduces an individual to a mere robot: performing a third party script. Formal education does not provide much of an opportunity to use one’s initiative. It destroys creativity and prevents one from utilizing this rich resource of the mind. It simply teaches to accept other persons’ view on a subject.The world is full of persons who are formally educated only to end up in some form of routine job. These are not the persons the world needs. The world needs those who have the courage to put aside formal education and to think outside the box. These are the dreamers and the inventors. To think outside the box is to tap from the potential that lies within the mind of every individual. It means being creative and original. The world does not celebrate those who are formally educated. It only celebrates those who dare to be different and think outside the box. If you wish to be celebrated, then you must put aside formal education and think outside the box.I have come to observe that some of the greatest men and women in the world were/are persons that put aside formal education. Most of them were not formally educated. These persons refused to conform but rather reached into the deep resource of their minds to produce creative ideas that are celebrated all over the world.The world cannot forget Thomas Edison in a hurry. He is one of the greatest inventors the world ever produced. One of his legacies is the incandescent light. Thomas suffered from partial deafness and lacked formal education. He believed that he had something to live for and reached into the deep resources of his mind by thinking outside the box.John D. Rockefeller is believed to be the richest man in history. He had hoped to go to college but had to drop out of high school in order to work and to support his family. By the age of twenty-five years, he already had a refinery. Without formal education, J D Rockefeller assessed the great wealth of his mind to establish his great empire and to employ the educated folks.The story of Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation is known to most people all over the world because of the revolution of the personal computer. Bill had special interest in programming and would like to try new things. Although he had admission in Harvard College, he had to drop out because of his attachment to programming machine. Today, Microsoft is a house-hold name because someone refused to conform.Similar story goes for Steve Jobs who was the co-founder of Apple Inc. After graduating from high school, Steve Jobs enrolled in Reed College, Portland, Oregon but had to drop out after just one semester. The success story of his inventions that include iPod, iPhone, iPad is the testimony of a man who dared to be different.I have just mentioned some of the world greatest inventors and businessmen. The list is unending. Most of these men and women did not have formal education. They escaped the mental captivity imposed through formal education. This enabled them to reach down into the deep resource of the mind. Exploring this resource positively transforms a person into a creator. Humans are by nature creative being but this ability is hindered by the formative effect of education. Education teaches conformity. Conformity with the world is never celebrated. The world only celebrates those who are different. If you really wish to excel in life, be prepared to put aside formal education.

Roth IRA Investments in Real Estate – Hot in 2008 Believe it Or Not

You’ve got a Roth IRA and you’re thinking a lot lately about returns on your IRA when times get tough, like now. One of the best investments for any IRA, including a Roth IRA, is in real estate.Believe it or not Roth IRA investments in real estate are STILL the single best investment you can make right now in 2008, when the economy is terrible and the real estate market in turmoil.But surely you wouldn’t make a Roth IRA real estate investment in the current market? The real estate market is in meltdown. Why would you invest your retirement plan in a real estate market that looks a little like the Titanic, going down.Real estate as an investment is alive in well in 2008, whether you’ve got a Roth IRA or any sort of employer sponsored retirement plan.Of course you always need to examine your plan and see what investments are allowed. With many plans you have a limited or non existent right to invest your own retirement funds yourself, or if you do you can only invest in a limited range of investments.For example many IRAs are with custodians that allow only traditional stocks and bonds and CDs as investments, and usually they try and direct your retirement funds into investments in their own products.So the first thing you need to do before investigating investing your retirement plan is to make sure you’re allowed to invest in real estate, yourself. So you may need to do a rollover if you’ve got, say, a traditional IRA or perhaps an employer sponsored retirement plan or even a 401(k). Rollover into a fund that allows you to invest yourself, into real estate, and you’re way ahead preparing for your retirement.Of course you should get some solid financial advice from your financial advisor before you undertake any rollover to make sure you do it right, and there are various Roth IRA websites you can use to educate yourself on rollovers and Roth IRA rules.If you’ve got a self directed Roth IRA right now you should be able to invest in real estate now, but check with your financial advisor first.So, back to Roth IRA investments in real estate in 2008. Why would you?Firstly, real estate investments have created, it is estimated, around 80% of the wealth in the US today. Real estate offers a better long term opportunity for a good return on investment, both from rental returns and capital growth, than any other form of investment. Real estate allows you to borrow larger amounts more safely, and if you’re investing through a Roth IRA it also allows you to invest tax free due to the significant tax advantages afforded to formal retirement funds like IRAs and 401(k)s. Even on a marginal tax rate there are significant tax advantages to investing for your retirement through a formal retirement fund.And real estate offers excellent returns even in 2008. Because, although the real estate market is in general decline, there are pockets of the real estate market that still offer significant opportunities for an excellent rate of return from an investment, income tax free.But be warned, unless you’re an extremely experienced investor you’re likely to get burned. Professional real estate investors know where to look and how to buy to make significant gains in a market like this, but unless you’re a professional real estate investor you’re playing with fire.One professional real estate investment company is hitting some solid home runs right now. Investing in simple middle class housing and refurbishing each home, adding value to the neighborhood by building parks and playgrounds and making homes more attractive to prospective tenants and buyers, this company is creating it’s own capital gains. Investors, including Roth IRA investors, are securing no money down properties with immediate equity of 15% – 20%, guaranteed returns and the backing of a respected, solid, listed US public company that has an envied record in real estate.So if you’re wondering about your retirement, and concerned about current financial conditions, there are options. Roth IRA investments in real estate are a solid, long term stable investment strategy, even in current economic conditions.But unless you’re an experienced professional real estate investor don’t start making any Roth IRA investments in real estate yourself. Let the professionals who know how to create value in the current market do it for you.Don’t get your fingers burnt. Let the professionals do your real estate investing for you.

SEO For Local Business – Controversy Can Help

What is the difference between good news and bad news? Good news makes us feel good and reinforces the feeling that the world is good around us. The people around us are doing well and you feel a bit better. However, bad news does not have that feel good factor about it certainly. But what bad news does is to create a lot of publicity for something. Bad news has this uncanny ability to garner huge amounts of curiosity from the mass and channelize the curiosity towards something specific.Bad news and bad publicity can really do magic which, no matter how bad it sounds, good news and a good profile cannot. Very few might admit this, but good news is deemed boring. Let us take this example of a famous friend of mine and at the same time, highly controversial singer, song writer and performer. I happened to watch an interview of his, the interviewer asked him about a recent escapade of his and he pointed out that the entire incident had been blown out of proportion. The interviewer asked the celebrity as to why the celebrity did not protest if the entire issue was actually blown out of proportion.The celebrity replied that it was all for money. According to the celebrity, each time he acted the good guy, his sales plummeted because he did not do enough to get noticed. But each time he encountered a controversy or indulged in an escapade, people would scramble for his productions. Also the newspaper in the state which he comes from probably prints double the number of any other state.Simply put, being good and nice would not help him succeed but being controversial would certainly. Hence, it made perfect business sense and a good business case for behaving controversially since that was great for his career.Many bloggers are experts at cashing in on controversies. Bloggers want their blogs to be followed regularly and hence would not hesitate to tailor their blogs in a manner that courts controversy and fuels public debate.The same thing can be said about websites. Search engines determine the ranking of a website based on the number of algorithms. The higher the number of algorithms, the more attractive is the website and vice versa.You can also get additional links to your websites through controversy. For example, if you take pictures of some crazy antics at a dog pet show and post those on your dog selling website, your website is going to get a lot of attention. Hence, controversy is good for boosting revenue.