Running A Business Together Myths: No News Is Good News

Many couple entrepreneurs fail in business because they ignore their business and don’t pay attention to the key elements of it. For them, no news is good news. Maybe you have gotten into more debt then you planned or have collectors calling your office and you don’t want to deal with it because it scares you, and then suddenly, no new is good news, but secretly you are lying to your spouse and avoiding your business until you fail.This is the “Ignorance is bliss” business plan. It’s harmful to the marriage and the business and many couples who start a home based business make this mistake. This happens because most of these couples have never run a business before and don’t know what they are doing. They get scared and want to hide vs. face the business and its problems.These couples often have a spouse who is working and that money is used as their personal income; so the spouse who is supposed to be running a business while their spouse works the job, doesn’t really put their full selves in the business. They instead avoid, ignore or hide. The fear of tackling sales calls or cold calling paralyzes them and they hide in this fear because the other spouse brings home income.The spouse who is supposed to be running the business feels safe, because their partner is maintaining the household and they therefore then have no real worries and can believe the myth that no news is good news. Sure there are times in life where stress and pressures are overwhelming. This is when you have to monitor yourself the most because people tend to take mental vacations, or grab a cold drink and kick back and get on Facebook or some other avoidance technique or distraction kicks in. They do this vs. confronting their fear about the business and what they are scared to learn or do. But is that really would be the best solution for your problem?This is so important to understand because once you hide from your business, you begin to hide from your spouse too, simply so you don’t have to answer questions about the business you are ignoring. You shut down the lines of communication with your spouse and have the ignorance is bliss conversations with them. This is where things begin to fall apart in your marriage and your home based business. Eventually fighting breaks out and many times you would rather fight with your spouse then face your fears.If you believe in this myth, you will forever fail at whatever business you start because you have not broken the cycle or pattern of behavior that has kept you from stepping up your leadership and game. This is the time to find support. You must talk with your spouse and find some help that is going to work with your fears so you can push past them and succeed. Just find some help whether from someone in the business with you or a coach, but you must push past this, if you want to achieve success together.

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