SEO For Local Business – Controversy Can Help

What is the difference between good news and bad news? Good news makes us feel good and reinforces the feeling that the world is good around us. The people around us are doing well and you feel a bit better. However, bad news does not have that feel good factor about it certainly. But what bad news does is to create a lot of publicity for something. Bad news has this uncanny ability to garner huge amounts of curiosity from the mass and channelize the curiosity towards something specific.Bad news and bad publicity can really do magic which, no matter how bad it sounds, good news and a good profile cannot. Very few might admit this, but good news is deemed boring. Let us take this example of a famous friend of mine and at the same time, highly controversial singer, song writer and performer. I happened to watch an interview of his, the interviewer asked him about a recent escapade of his and he pointed out that the entire incident had been blown out of proportion. The interviewer asked the celebrity as to why the celebrity did not protest if the entire issue was actually blown out of proportion.The celebrity replied that it was all for money. According to the celebrity, each time he acted the good guy, his sales plummeted because he did not do enough to get noticed. But each time he encountered a controversy or indulged in an escapade, people would scramble for his productions. Also the newspaper in the state which he comes from probably prints double the number of any other state.Simply put, being good and nice would not help him succeed but being controversial would certainly. Hence, it made perfect business sense and a good business case for behaving controversially since that was great for his career.Many bloggers are experts at cashing in on controversies. Bloggers want their blogs to be followed regularly and hence would not hesitate to tailor their blogs in a manner that courts controversy and fuels public debate.The same thing can be said about websites. Search engines determine the ranking of a website based on the number of algorithms. The higher the number of algorithms, the more attractive is the website and vice versa.You can also get additional links to your websites through controversy. For example, if you take pictures of some crazy antics at a dog pet show and post those on your dog selling website, your website is going to get a lot of attention. Hence, controversy is good for boosting revenue.